A Proposal Under the Moon


The Plan
With the idea of marriage on their mind, Sean and Jenelle explored the option of a non-traditional engagement ring. Jenelle was unsure what type gemstone she wanted, but she knew that the traditional diamond ring wasn’t for her. Time went on and Sean started to plan their special night, which consisted of a corn maze that lead them to the middle of the field where friends and family would witness him ask Jenelle to be his wife. In the midst of his planning, Sean learned that during the night of his proposal there would be a full moon, specifically The Hunters Moon. With the last name Hunt and the timing of this full moon proposal, Sean knew the Moonstone would make the perfect ring to propose to Jenelle. On the night of October 15th, 2016, Sean lead Jenelle through the corn maze where they were greeted by family and friends. Sean presented Jenelle a ring with a single Moonstone atop, and a love story he wrote himself.

The Story
Once there was a hunter, and he was in love with a beautiful woman. But she was promised to a rich baron who offered her father a tidy fortune for her hand in marriage.

The hunter, not knowing this, went to her father to ask for his blessing and he refused, telling him that he had found another suitor who had enough money to provide for her in ways that the hunter could not. Then, in order to make it seem as though he was looking out for his daughter’s interests, he made a deal with the hunter: If he could give her a piece of the moon, it would prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he could provide anything his daughter would ever need.

So, the hunter went into the forest that night with his bow and a quiver of arrows. He found a hill where the trees were cleared and shot arrow after arrow at the moon. It was only a small sliver in the sky that first night, and each arrow missed its mark. The next night, he did the same. Though the moon was larger, he was still unsuccessful. He did this night after night until the moon was full in the sky. On that night, he climbed to the highest perch he could find and shot his arrows at the moon. He had shot all of his arrows but one when he knelt and put down his bow. He clasped his hands together and pleaded with the moon. But she did not answer. He begged her to give him a piece of herself so that he could marry the woman that he loved. But she did not answer. Finally, he climbed to his feet, and, taking the bow in his hands once more, he aimed it at the moon. He released the arrow and watched it disappear into the night sky. When he did not see the arrow any longer, he hung his head in defeat and began to leave the forest.

Just then, he saw a sparkle fall at his feet. The moon had given him a piece of herself. So, every year on the Hunter’s Moon, she gives up a piece of herself so that two people may find happiness. It is said that if you look closely at the moon, you can see the spot where the hunter’s arrow found its mark.

– Story Written by Sean Hunt

The Ring
A few months before their wedding, Sean and Jenelle gave Studio 2015 Jewelry a visit for a more custom designed engagement ring and wedding band. Due to the custom aspect, they wanted something specific that they knew could only be done from a local jeweler. The couple worked with our team of experts to create Jenelle’s perfect ring that consisted of Moonstone and an addition of Labradorite for more variety.

The End
Soon after, Sean and Jenelle said their “I Do’s” on October 6, 2018. The Newlyweds are “over the moon” with the work that Studio 2015 Jewelry had done.

“We were afraid we didn’t give them enough time to have it done by the wedding. These guys really know what they’re doing, they were extremely helpful and accommodating. She gets compliments on it all the time and it was well worth the price compared to a traditional engagement ring. Great purchase, Jenelle loves it!”

– Sean & Jenelle Hunt