The Rock of Studio D Jewelers


Studio D Jewelers has undergone many changes over the past couple of years. The jewelry store has rebranded itself from Studio 2015 to Studio D and moved back to the Woodstock Square. But one thing that hasn’t changed is how Studio’s store manager, Tracy Gibson, has supported the business along the way.

“The list of things Tracy brings to this company is never-ending,” asserts Studio D Jewelers co-owner Bret Dougherty. She is someone with a history of helping teens in the correctional system and extending her knowledge above and beyond the typical jewelry store manager.

Discovering a New Challenge

Before Tracy started working at Studio D Jewelers, she worked in the social services system. There, she helped troubled teens with two or more felonies work on corrective thinking in after-school programs. But after her mother passed away in 2003, she felt that it was time to start down a new path.

“I made a list of places that I wanted to work at, and Studio was number one,” recalls Tracy. “I walked right in and told them they should hire me as a sales associate, and they did!” Tracy was a long-time customer of Studio and has always been fascinated with their gemstone collection and custom pieces.

“A lot of stores only carry the popular stuff like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, but Studio is way deeper than that,” she says. “They carry sphenes, spinels, and all sorts of things you would not usually hear about at other stores”.

Tracy ended up getting so much more than she could have bargained for. She was personally trained by the man himself, Tom Dougherty, in all aspects of jewelry and the jewelry business.

A Manager with the Knowledge of a Jeweler

Eighteen years later, she is the manager of the store she loves and is one of the most knowledgeable people in her position. “Her gemstone knowledge is absolutely in the elite level,” says Bret Dougherty, “she’s as close to a bench jeweler as you can get without ever sitting at a bench”.

Tracy has gained her expert knowledge by working closely with Studio D Jewelers’ in-house designers & craftsmen (including the Doughertys themselves), attending gemstone and jewelry shows in places like Las Vegas and Tucson, building relationships with industry leaders, and taking hours of jewelry education courses.

As a result, she is a certified Senior Jewelry Professional and Jewelry Store Manager from Jewelers of America and has obtained a Graduate Diamond Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.

Leading By Example

Tracy’s managerial style is best summed up by her mantra, “Progress, not perfection”. Learning and growth are key areas of focus as well as creating a lively atmosphere to foster creativity. “I can’t do what our designers or our craftsmen do, but I can provide them the best work environment to support them,” she says.

All of Tracy’s work is essential to helping the store function at a high level and create exceptional custom jewelry. The COVID-19 pandemic added countless new challenges while moving back to the Woodstock Square and rebranding itself. Tracy wrote an eight-page paper listing different ways to improve the store for both customers and the team. They have been a huge reason for Studio D Jewelers’ success after moving back to the Woodstock Square.

Come and see Tracy, in one of her signature, fabulous jackets, when you can. She will dazzle you with her knowledge and expertise. She encourages one and all to “Sparkle on!”

About Studio D Jewelers

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