Studio D’s Newest Team Member Makes an Impact in and out of the Store


Mateusz Wielomek is learning the craft of custom jewelry while planning his own wedding

Studio D Jewelers in Woodstock tends to be a place where team members stick around. For years. And years. The employees, the atmosphere, the customers, the values of the organization just make it a place to stay. Founded in the 1970s as Studio 2015 Jewelry and rebranded to Studio D in 2020, the newest member of the team joined just as things were changing up at the height of the pandemic. And like most of the team, he has no intention of going anywhere for quite a while.  

Mateusz Wielomek has many facets to him, with each element of his life making him part of the good fit he is at Studio D. In his pre-Studio life, he attended Northern Illinois University, and acted in the 2018 TV series “Border’d” as well as the 2018 award-winning short film “Little Things”. At the height of the pandemic he was looking for a new role and happened to meet Studio D’s assistant store manager, Jennifer Jorgensen, as well as Bee Tanut, the store’s jeweler, on separate occasions. They both thought he had what it took to be a success in the industry and convinced him to interview for the open sales position. It became quickly apparent that the timing may have been kismet and it was a good fit on both sides.  

Mateusz on set

For those of you who have visited Studio D and had the pleasure of meeting Mateusz, you are already aware of how well put-together he is, with all the details very well thought-out. In addition to having his fashion and hair choices completely on-fleek (we’re not kidding, see his Instagram @teuszyw), this tall drink of water is not afraid to wear any of the jewelry himself. Fluent in Polish and very well-read, he has jumped in to learning everything the “older” team members have to teach him about gems and design. “It has been quite an experience, to say the least,” Mateusz said. “Learning about colored stones from around the world, watching expert CAD design, hearing about how and why a piece needs certain repairs, to seeing Bee perform jewelry production magic tricks in front of me, I’m learning every day.”  

He continued “I had no idea how in-depth and fascinating the industry really is. I really enjoy diving in head-first to learn and explore and enjoy sharing my new knowledge with everyone who steps into the store. It connects us with our customers when they learn and feel more comfortable as well.” 

Mateusz recently had his own crash course in learning about engagement rings, when he proposed to his long-time girlfriend (and now fiancée), Michelle. “I would like to say I was very confident but having both our families there was the most important element – I could even have proposed in the middle of a Jewel-Osco if our families were there. Fortunately, I was able to propose at Loyola University, where she received her degrees, right on the lakefront. It was a perfect evening that ended with a big group dinner in Chicago, where one of the bottles of champagne was gifted to us from the Studio team, a beautiful gesture.”  

Mateusz and Michelle

Planning his own wedding is also helping Mateusz relate to what customers are going through when they come into Studio for an engagement ring or wedding bands, and the stress that can occur overall. “In any field, the more you can relate the better off you will be,” Mateusz commented. “I recommend listening and taking notes from conversations you’ve had with your partner, just jot it down in your phone while you’re in the moment even, it will pay off in dividends when it comes time for you to make a decision, and you’re more likely to get that right one, the first time.”  

Studio D Manager Tracy Gibson said “Mateusz has very quickly developed rapport with our clients that allows him to ensure that they get the final product they really want. His industry knowledge is exceptional, and he is a great asset to our store and our customers. And that dry sense of humor? You have to experience it to believe it.” 

Stop in to meet Mateusz and any of the welcoming Studio D Jewelers team at 118 N. Benton Street on the Woodstock Square. They’ll be happy to see you. 

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