November Special: Tis the Season to Design Your Custom Holiday Gift!


Give your most meaningful gift ever when you create a custom piece of jewelry with one of our in-house jewelers.

When you place your custom design order by November 23rd, you are assured to have it in time for the holidays.

Customization Capabilities

“We are honored when people come to us and ask us to help them create a custom piece. Any sort of custom work is very personal, and we always take that to heart. With the guidance of our clients, we’ve designed and produced everything from engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, pendants, earrings—you name it. And to be part of that process from start to finish and see the client’s reaction to that custom piece, that is at the core of why we do what we do.”

– Bret Dougherty, Shop Manager at Studio 2015

Our custom services are where design and functionality marry to satisfy your most intimate expression of love and longevity. It’s no coincidence that Diamonds, Platinum, Silver, and Gold are the media used to symbolize our love for our most special someone. While all things will age, these stand the test of time and endure like the love we confess to our partner. If you desire to create a physically transcending display of your inner most feelings, then custom wedding jewelry is right for you!

Customization Options

  • Studio 2015 will render and create one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Create a match to existing jewelry or a band that fits alongside your engagement ring
  • Complete a setting or create a design for a loose stone you already own

Need Guidance

We’re here to help! Book an appointment for a free personalized consultation with no obligation to make a purchase.